World's Largest Halloween Part at the Louisville Zoo - 2011

Last night we went to the zoo's Halloween party. It was a little rainy at first, but ended up being a very nice evening and wasn't too busy. The girls dressed up as princesses; Julianne was Snow White and Lorelei was Cinderella. Julianne loved getting candy and taking pictures with all of the movie/storybook characters that were there. She wanted pictures with everyone, even the characters she didn't who they were. She was also very independent and often walked ahead of us in order to get to the candy booths first. Lorelei on the other hand, enjoyed getting candy, but was scared of all the people who were dressed up. She took one picture with the person dressed as Cinderella, but that was only with mommy holding her. She spent a lot of time walking around staring at everything going on and spent the rest of the time safely riding in the stroller. It was a fun evening for our family.