Lorelei - 21 Months

Well, Lorelei has been 21 months for almost two weeks now and I am just now getting around to writing this. We've had a busy couple of weeks. Our family took a trip to Colorado, we announced that Lorelei will be a big sister in April, and Lorelei is getting closer and closer to 2, which keeps me very busy. Lorelei is still sweet as ever most of the time, but she has developed quite a temper. She is continually testing her limits and is into everything, which means we are correcting her more often, and Lorelei does not like correction. Her response when corrected is usually to ignore us, yell "no", or to completely defy our instructions. She has also developed a short fuse with her older sister. For the most part, they get along, but when Julianne does something that Lorelei does not like, Lorelei usually resorts to screaming, hitting, or pushing. Part of the frustration, I'm sure, is that she still doesn't have the ability to communicate very well. She is speaking more clearly each day and is experimenting with new sounds, but overall doesn't communicate very clearly. With context clues, and just because I know her language, I can usually decipher what she is trying to say.

Lorelei loves her babies more and more each day. She loves dogs and cats and pets them pretty gently. She is beginning to enjoy sitting and reading books, but only when it is her idea, but this is an improvement over not wanting to sit and read books at all. She now will bring me books to read to her and will sit in my lap for quite awhile to listen to them. Lorelei still loves girly things like shoes, jewelry, and brushing her hair. She almost always can be found with a silly band, a rubber band, or a bracelet("buh-buh") on her wrist. She not only enjoys wearing her own shoes, but loves trying on bigger shoes too. She has come to enjoy playtime in her crib, while Julianne and I do school, and has a blast taking care of babies, snuggling with her pillow, reading books, and playing with toys. If for some reason she is not enjoying this time all I have to do is put on music for her to listen to. Music always puts her in a good mood. Lorelei has learned to jump with both feet off the ground and loves to show off this new skill.

One quick story before I leave you with pictures of our girl: Yesterday I was letting her run around completely naked (no diaper) because she had a bad diaper and her bottom was a little red. She happily played for about 10 minutes and then disappeared. I heard her a couple of minutes later yelling "Mama" from downstairs so I went down to see what she was up to. She had shut herself in the dark bathroom so I opened the door for her. When she saw me, she said "poo-poo" and pointed to the floor, on which I now noticed two piles of poop. I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty and she very firmly told me "no". Later when I told Stephen this story we quickly came to the conclusion that she might be ready for potty training earlier than I thought she would be. We'll see.