Trip to Colorado: Denver

A little over two weeks ago we flew from St. Louis, MO to Denver, CO (by way of Milwaukee, WI where we had a short layover) to spend some time with family that we rarely get to see. Here are the highlights of our trip:

Thursday: We arrived at noon and Stephen's Uncle Larry graciously picked us up from the airport and took us to the home of Don and Lois (Stephen's dad's cousin) where we would be staying for our time in Denver. It was midafternoon by the time we got lunch, which meant we were really hungry because our time clocks were two hours ahead of Denver time. After taking the girls to a local park to run off some energy we had a relaxing dinner with Don and Lois and let the girls have freedom to play. We visited for a bit with Stephen's brother, Ryan, and Stephen's parents who had recently arrived in Denver before heading to bed.

Friday: Jason (Stephen's brother), Laura, and Ethan arrived on Friday morning and we went over to Stephen's Uncle and Aunt, John and Mary's, house, where we visited with them and his Grandma and her husband, Bob. We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Chipotle and then went back to Don and Lois's house to let all the kids nap. The adults got to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather (most days it got into the 80's, but there was no humidity, and it got cooler in the mornings and evenings). That evening we went back to John and Mary's house for a family dinner and birthday party for Jim (Stephen's cousin's little boy).

Saturday: Stephen's parents, brothers and wives/girlfriends, and our family ate breakfast at the Original Pancake House and then headed to the Denver Zoo. We all had a great time but were quite hungry by the time we headed to lunch that afternoon. Lorelei was actually so tired she fell asleep in the car after the zoo and stayed asleep while Stephen held her at lunch. After lunch, Jason, Laura, Ethan, Lorelei, and I went to IKEA. The main purchase of this trip was cinnamon rolls, which are amazing if you've never tried them. Since Saturday was the official day of the family reunion we had come to Denver for, we headed back to John and Mary's house where we visited with more family members and took a big Mobley family picture.

Sunday: We had a family breakfast at John and Mary's house and then had a church service in their garage. Stephen and his dad lead the singing and then Stephen brought a brief message. It was a great time of remembering God's faithfulness to our family and Stephen's message spurred us on to continue to teach our children about Jesus and the Hope we have through the cross. We went to lunch at a place called Casa Bonita, which is unlike any restaurant I've ever been to. After getting your food, you go to the large seating area which resembles a small town in Mexico. There were entertainers who did skits every 15 minutes or so and they would actually dive from cliffs into a deep pool at the bottom. The kids got to break a pinata and also watched a puppet show. It was a very unique and entertaining experience. I don't think Julianne or Lorelei ate more than a couple of bites because there was so much going on. After leaving Casa Bonita we went on a drive into the mountains and enjoyed the scenery.

Monday: Stephen had a tour set up with an ice machine manufacturer for his dad and him to go to, so Stephen's mom, the girls, and I spend the morning and much of the afternoon at John and Mary's house. They have a great backyard with a sand box, a swing set, push toys, and a tire swing so the girls had a blast running around playing. Julianne loved getting to play with Brookelynn (Stephen's cousin's daughter) who is a year older than Julianne. That afternoon a few of us went to the Denver Children's Museum and the kids had a great time exploring. There was a bubble room, an area with trees and tunnels to climb and explore, a grocery store, a veterinary office, a fire truck, and even an area for the little babies and toddlers to explore freely.