Labor Day 2011

We had a lazy start to our Labor Day and while daddy slept in and Julianne was up to something else, Lorelei and I made muffins and hot chocolate. When I say "help" I mean that Lorelei got into things and made a mess, specifically when she started spooning the baking soda into the measuring cup and onto anything else on the counter. She also played in it with her fingers, which she had great fun with. After breakfast and some cleaning up we headed to the Family Palooza at Southeast Christian Church with some good friends. We ate lunch, which ended with a funnel cake (YUM!), and then we took the girls to play on some bouncies. Julianne loved it, of course, and I was surprised that Lorelei loved it too. She was not at all overwhelmed with the bigger kids and loved jumping when she could manage to stay on her feet. The bigger girls (Julianne and Sadie Beth) went down the big slide two times and then had their faces painted. The little girls (Lorelei and Ainsley) got to ride a little train while they waited for the big girls to get done. After that everyone got to ride the ponies. Julianne was a natural. She went right up to one of the horses, before I could get to her and tried to climb up on her own. Lorelei on the other hand was a little frightened of the experience and cried for the majority of the ride. The girls got to see and pet several different animals at the petting zoo and then they played with bubbles to end the fun morning.