Lorelei - 20 Months

Lorelei is now 20 months old and is as sweet as ever. She had yet another ear infection last week when we went to the doctor and will probably be needing tubes in her near future. Because she has had countless ear infections for almost a year, her language is a bit behind. She is beginning to speak a bit clearer, but still grunts for some words and uses favorite sounds to say other words. She usually gets the syllables of a word right, but the sounds might not always be accurate. She is not putting words together yet, but is getting really good at repeating sentences, word after word, that we say. We're teaching her to thank God for her food at mealtimes and her prayers usually go like this (her words in parentheses): "Thank"(uh) "you"(yuh) "God"(dah) "for"(ooor) "my"(mah) "food"(oooh) "Amen" (uh-uh). The other day she was fussing at me for cleaning off her face (something that she regularly does) and trying to get her to focus on something else and to have a heart of thanks I made her repeat: "Thank you mommy for wiping my face." I guess it sounded to her a lot like a prayer because she ended without my prompting "uh-uh" (Amen").

Lorelei definitely has inherited our family's love for music and loves to sing. Her favorite song seems to be "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." She hums this and uses consonant sounds or people's names as the words. She'll sing "mama", "juju", and "dada" to this tune or will just make up songs with our names in them. She enjoys dancing and clapping to music too. Another one of Lorelei's favorite things to do is to play and wear shoes. This is one of her very clear words that she says: "soos". She is not ready for the day until she has shoes on her feet and although she likes just as much to take them off, she regularly brings me shoes to put on her sweet chubby feet. When she can only find one shoe, she'll say "mo" (more) and will diligently look until she finds the other shoe. She not only likes Lorelei sized shoes, but she loves her sister's Barbie shoes. She surprisingly doesn't put them in her mouth, but enjoys wearing them on her fingers.

Speaking of funny, Lorelei has recently developed a sense of humor. She seems to understand what what things are funny now, and will let out her deepest laugh when someone is being silly. She laughs a lot at her sister and they both seem to get a kick out of one another, especially at bedtime. Julianne has always fought sleep, but now Lorelei has started this, which results in very late night and very early mornings, and two crabby girls. We have had to deal with this situation by putting Julianne in our room to fall asleep then moving her back to her bed when at least Lorelei is asleep. This has seemed to work for the past two night, so we'll see how it continues to go. Here are some pictures our 20 month old girl.