Four Years Old

Yesterday Julianne celebrated her 4th birthday and her daddy and I are so thankful that we have gotten to spend the past four years with this sweet girl. Daddy decided to take off work so he got to spend the whole day with the birthday girl. Julianne wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and chose to have an Apple/Bran Muffin and lemonade. After sitting in the rocking chairs we went swimming with some good friends. Swimming is one of Julianne's favorite activities right now and she loved getting to spend time with her friend Sadie Beth. After some swimming we had lunch and enjoyed some birthday cookie cake (chosen by Julianne). Lorelei seriously needed to be hosed off afterwards. We rushed home from swimming to skype with Great-Grandma Muhleman and Mimi then Julianne had a refreshing birthday nap. After her nap we skyped with our good friends, Lee and Charity. We ate pepperoni, black olive, and green pepper pizza (chosen by Julianne) and then headed off to church. Julianne started her second year of Cubbies and had a great time with all of her friends. It was a fun 4th birthday!