Lorelei - 19 Months

Lorelei is now 19 months old and is fast as ever. In the past couple of months her walking speed has been turned up a notch, but now she is officially running. She loves to run around things like our ottoman, columns in aisles at Walgreens, tables, and the wall separating my mom's kitchen and dining room. This will keep her entertained for 10-15 minutes until she either gets dizzy or distracted by something else to get into. She climbs on everything, including the ledge by our front window, counter tops, beds, couches, and kitchen tables. One new place she has learned to climb is the bathtub. She will climb in there to play or when she thinks she should be having a bath. One of her favorite places to play is under our kitchen table. She loves to be under there and loves to hang from the top of the table too. She still loves her babies and takes good care of them. She loves baby pools, but avoids spraying water like the plague. We've gone to the zoo splash park and several other spraygrounds and she is very cautious of the spraying water, especially when it gets close to her head. I think she likes being able to control how wet she gets.

We've been in St. Louis the past few days and it has been so refreshing to see how comfortable Lorelei has become with people she is not as familiar with. Even a month ago she was very clingy to mommy when around family members and friends that she has not spent much time around. This trip has been a completely different. She is very friendly to everyone and doesn't really care if I'm nearby or not. Her language has also become a little more clear in the past week. She now says, "sue" (shoe), "ahm" (arm), "sah" (sock), "yuh" (you), and "doo" (juice). Most of her speech is still unrecognizable, but I am learning more and more how to communicate with her. She still very clearly says "no, no", especially to Abby and has started using her pointer finger for emphasis when scolding Abby. Here are some pictures of our sweet 19 month old.