Summer Fun at Waterfront Park

Last Sunday night we went to Waterfront Park with some of our good friends who were visiting from St. Louis. We started out at Tumbleweed and enjoyed a delicious and very cheap (2 adult meals, 2 kids meals, an appetizer, and 2 desserts were $23) meal. The kids were very ready to enjoy some freedom by the end of our meal so we headed to the splash pad and playground area. After some playtime, we got to ride on a bicycle surrey (it's like a car without doors that has four bicycle pedals and a steering wheel and brake in the front). Our friends, Sarah and Joe, have a friend that works at this rental place so we got to try several of the bikes out. While the daddies took the older kids out Sarah and I kept the littlest ones and Lorelei had a great time playing in the water fountain. To cool off we all went to a new frozen yogurt bar and enjoyed some cool treats. It was a fun summer evening with sweet friends!