Lorelei - 18 Months

Lorelei has actually been 18 months for a week now, but we just had her 18 month well check this morning. She was healthy except for her ears; both had fluid on them and one was infected. Since she has had fluid on them since her 9 month check up the doctor suggested that we see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. Lorelei is getting close to the age that Julianne was when she got tubes, so she seems to be following in the footsteps of her big sister. Her stats were as follows: Length- 32.25 in (75th %), Weight- 26lb 8oz (75th %), and Head Circumference- 18.75in (75th %). This time Lorelei absolutely hated the examination and screamed the entire time, but didn't mind the shot and cried just for a second after the one vaccination she received. A sucker made everything better though!

Because of Lorelei's ear troubles she is a bit delayed in the area of language. She tries repeat just about anything after us, but a lot of the time she only repeats the first sound or just grunts the correct amount of syllables. She very clearly says "Ha"(hi) and "ba" (bye) and when she says these two words she sounds very southern. She is extremely friendly and yells "ha" and smiles at people until they give her some attention. She says "buh-buh" for several things - Abby, Baby, Sadie Beth, banana, and blanket, but usually points to things so that we can figure out what she's talking about. She also says, "yeh"(yes), "buh"(cup), "boo"(spoon or fork), "tee-tee"(cookie), "ni-ni" (night night), "duh"(done), and "daw-daw"(draw). One word she says very clearly is "NO" and she violently shakes her head back and forth to make this word even more apparent. This is usually her answer for just about any question you ask her.

Two of Lorelei's strengths are her ability to sleep and her desire to eat. Lorelei has always been a good sleeper and continues to sleep well at night, sleep in during the morning, and take great afternoon naps(usually around 3 hours). The past couple of weeks she has not been getting up any earlier than 8:30 and several days she slept until 10:30. Eating is another one of Lorelei's strengths. She loves to eat just about any kind of food and usually eats a lot of it. The past two times we have gone out to eat the girls have shared a meal and Lorelei eats about 3/4 of it and Julianne eats about 1/4 of it and this is generally how meals go for the girls. Lorelei loves to eat yogurt, blueberries, bananas, asparagus, any kind of meat, rice, and anything containing chocolate.

Lorelei has become quite agile in going up and down the stairs and instead of sliding down on her bottom or tummy has started holding on to the wall and walking up or down some of the stairs. She has also started running, which looks a little out of control, but she's learning to do it more gracefully. She loves riding on the big wheel and tricycle we have outside and even attempts to peddle, although doesn't get very far. Lorelei's love for babies has grown even more and she has begun giving them kisses by smacking her lips. She then holds the baby out for everyone else to kiss as well. She is a very sweet little girl and I am thankful for the one and a half years we have gotten to spend with her so far.