Julianne's Trip to Missouri - 2011

Last summer started the tradition of Julianne spending a week in St. Louis by herself without mommy or daddy and this summer we carried on the tradition. Mimi drove Julianne to St. Louis on Father's Day and a week later Lorelei and Mommy went to pick her up. During this week she had so much fun with all of our family. Here are some of the highlights of the week:

Monday - Julianne and Mimi went to Uncle John and Aunt Julie's house to play with Vivianna and Ingamarie. They played in the little pool, drew pictures, dressed up as princesses, practiced swinging, and ate a yummy dinner cooked by Uncle John.

Tuesday - Great Grandma Muhleman let Julianne pick out her own scooter as an early birthday present. She even got a princess helmet and matching elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves to make sure she's safe while riding it. They went with Great Aunt Shelley and Mimi to St. Louis Bread Company for lunch and for dinner Julianne got to see Papa and Gigi. Afterwards they all enjoyed some Fritz's frozen custard.

Wednesday - Julianne wasn't feeling well(wouldn't eat, drink or talk) and said her tongue hurt. After thinking it might be strep throat Mimi took her to the Urgent Care center and they diagnosed her as having a... Canker Sore. It was a pretty bad one so prescribed yogurt, ice cream, pudding, or anything else soft for her to eat. She took full advantage of this "sickness."

Thursday - Mimi, Julianne, and Jackson drove to Springfield, MO where they saw Great Grandma Northrip, Great Aunt Valerie, Patrick, Tori, Gabe, Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah. They got to see Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah's new apartment.

Friday - Julianne, Mimi, and Great Grandma Northrip went to Anton's for breakfast where Julianne ordered cinnamon rolls and declared to the waitress and everyone around her, "My mommy's gonna be so jealous." They went to an amish store where Julianne picked out some gummy dinosaurs and then went to a park. That evening for dinner they went to Mexican Villa where Julianne ordered a hot dog. They went to another park where Julianne tried to help any kid who looked like they needed help then everyone went to Andy's Frozen Custard for a yummy treat.

Saturday - Everyone went to a park to play and then they had a picnic. They also went swimming at a fun pool. That evening Julianne got to spend the night with Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah at their new apartment all by herself. They watched a movie and Aunt Sarah painted her nails sparkly green.

Sunday - Everyone went to church at Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah's church then went to Hemmingways at the Bass Pro Shop for lunch. They also got to look around the shop and saw fish, turtles, deer, and even a bear (the last two were not real, but stuffed). After fun at Bass Pro Julianne got to visit Great-Great-Grandma Nanny Northrip who is 102.5 years old. What a blessing for Julianne to get to spend time with Nanny and Aunt Judy. That night everyone went out for pizza then they went to the park where Julianne's Great-Grandpa Northrip (Granddad) has a tree in his memory. The evening was not complete until there was another trip to Andy's Frozen Custard.

On Monday morning Julianne, Mimi, and Jackson drove back to St. Louis where Lorelei and I met them for another week of fun. Information and pictures to follow...