Father's Day Weekend

This Father's Day weekend my mom came to visit us. On Thursday night we went to VBS Family Night at our church, then on Friday we went to a park in the morning, Chick Fil A for lunch, and another park for a birthday party in the evening. My mom also stayed at home with the girls later Friday evening so that Stephen and I could go on a date to Longhorn. She and the girls had a movie night with some yummy snacks. They watched the Princess and the Frog and had popcorn, cantelope, and jelly beans (these were definitely the favorite). On Saturday we mainly hung out at home and later that afternoon Mimi and I took the girls to Toys R Us to look for swings for Mimi's house. While we were there we also took some time to look around and play. That evening after dinner we went to Graeters for some ice cream. Today (Father's Day) after a busy morning at church (Stephen sang on the praise team and taught our ABF class) we went to Cheddar's for lunch. After lunch we came back home and the girls gave Stephen his Father's Day gift (some new shorts and a shirt). We are also getting him the book "Operation World", but I still have to order it. We packed Julianne's belongings and she and Mimi left for a week in St. Louis then the three of us took naps. We then took yet another trip to Graeters so Stephen could get a free scoop for wearing a "crazy" tie. We wandered Home Depot for awhile and then made a quick trip to Wal Mart for some Oragel for our very sad teething toddler. It was a great Father's Day weekend and I am so thankful for the godly fathers in our lives and for Stephen who is a wonderful father to our girls. He teaches them things that I don't think to teach them, plays with them in ways that I don't think to play with them, and is much more compassionate toward them than I ever will be. They are blessed to have such a great man to call their father and they love their daddy dearly.