VBS 2011

This past week we had VBS at our church and while Stephen and I worked in it (Stephen did lights for the worship rally and I worked with a kindergarten class), the girls got to go to their own classes. Julianne looked forward to going every night to spend time with her friends and her teachers, Mr. Matt and Mrs. Kelly(friends of ours). She loved all of the crafts, games, Bible stories, and snacks, but her favorite part of VBS was the worship rally. She called this time the "dark choir". Because the lights went off and on she thought it was dark and since she knows we sing in the choir in this room sometimes she called it the choir. She got to come into the sanctuary with all of the big kids and be a part of the singing and the "Carter and Kelly" show. The theme of this year's VBS was The Big Apple (New York), so our friends Carter and Kelly acted as the hosts to a tv show. One day Kelly asked Julianne to come on stage with a few other kids to sing and do the movements to one of the songs. For the most part, she stared at the adults while they sang the song, but she did try to sing some and do a couple of movements. This one event made her week and she still is talking about the time when she got to go on stage. One time she told me, "I was nervous while I was going on the stage, but I was brave and went anyway." During the week we had a missions offering that went to the Gallery Church in New York City. There was a competition between the boys and girls to see who could bring the most money (in pounds). Julianne got very into this and wanted to bring bags of money each day; The girls ended up winning. I expected Lorelei to just be in childcare, but they actually did crafts and Bible stories with them too. It was great to know that while Stephen and I were busy in our roles that the girls were being taught about God's Word. We are so thankful for our church!