Caterpillars and Butterflies

During our last two weeks of school we completed a unit on caterpillars and butterflies. Julianne received a Butterfly Garden for her birthday and we finally got around to using it. I ordered the caterpillars and a week later we received a cup of tiny caterpillars in the mail. Over the next week the caterpillars ate the food that was provided in the cup and grew to be ten times their original size. They were very fat caterpillars! We got to witness the caterpillars turn into cocoons and about a week later the butterflies came out of the cocoons. A few days later we let the butterflies go outside and while were were prompting the last butterfly to leave it landed on Julianne's finger. She thought that was pretty neat. During those two weeks of observing the caterpillars turn into butterflies Julianne learned about the lifecycle of a butterfly and about the characteristics of caterpillars and butterflies. She made observations and kept a journal of how the caterpillars changed. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which Julianne can "read"(tells the story) by herself. We also did several other fun caterpillar art projects. Here are some pictures of our fun!