Lorelei - 17 Months

I'm not sure where the past month has gone but we have had a lot of fun with Lorelei. Lorelei has mastered the stairs (going up and down) well enough that we feel pretty comfortable with her doing this on her own, which means we're really not using the baby gate at the top of the stairs anymore. She knows to get on her tummy and kind of slide down each stair. When there are just one or two stairs she can walk down them without holding onto anything. She loves to practice this new skills and regularly can be found going up and down the stairs. Another favorite activity of hers is dancing to music. Her idea of dancing is twisting at the waist and bending her knees to bounce up and down. The other day we went to an indoor pool and Lorelei kept climbing out of the pool to stand on the side to dance to the music that was playing quietly in the background.

Lorelei still loves to eat and will eat just about anything you put in front of her. She would eat bananas, yogurt, and crackers all day long if I let her, although she is very good to try new things. If she is refusing to eat something all I have to do is hand her a fork or spoon and she gladly scoops up whatever it is and places it in her mouth. She is surprisingly agile at using utensils. Julianne ("Ju-ju") and Ainsley ("Eh-eh") are her two favorite people right now. She absolutely adores them and talks about them all the time. Lorelei would prefer to be outside rather than inside and has started taking a special liking to baby dolls. She holds them and says "ahhh" and gives them lots of hugs and kisses. She also enjoys pushing them in the baby stroller. Here are some pictures of our sweet and emotional 17 month old girl.