Art Sparks

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to Art Sparks (the kid's area) at the Speed Art Museum. Julianne had gotten a family pass when she did the summer reading program last summer and the pass was expiring at the end of May so we used it just in time. We all loved it. Needless to say, I will be signing both girls up for the summer reading program again this summer so we can get more of these passes. Art Sparks is all hands on and has different areas that either depict the focus of art (a ship, a dutch kitchen, a tepee, and a west African village) or areas where kids can make art (building with blocks, video art, painting, drawing with colored pencils, rubbings, building with colored blocks on a light table). Julianne and Lorelei had a blast, although Julianne's attention span allowed her to actually complete activities. Lorelei just ran from one thing to the next. The climbing area in the little kids area kept her attention the most because she loved climbing up and down the stairs. Here are some pictures of our two aspiring artists!