Strawberry Picking Time

Yesterday we went to Joe Huber's Farm and picked strawberries with our good friends, Blair, Sadie Beth, and Ainsley. It was a little crazy picking strawberries with four children 3 and under but we had a good time. The littlest girls, Lorelei and Ainsley, probably ate a pound of strawberries in between themselves while they were "picking" the berries. The bigger girls, Julianne and Sadie Beth, were good helpers and helped the mommies pick almost 10 pounds of strawberries. We weren't sure if we wanted to pay to go into the kid's area, but the kids loved the concrete animals and the tractor so much that we didn't have time to do the kid's area. After getting back and resting a bit, we went over to some other friend's house to make strawberry jam. David and Jenny are known for making delicious strawberry jam and were gracious enough to teach me how to do it. After an afternoon of jam making, we enjoyed dinner together with strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was a fun day and we have enough fresh strawberries and strawberry jam to last us for quite awhile.