Our Eighth Wedding Anniversary

To celebrate our 8th Anniversary Stephen and I dropped off the girls at our friend's house and went to the Leavenworth Inn in Indiana. We enjoyed a yummy meal at the Overlook Restaurant that has a great view of the Ohio River because it sits up on a bluff. The next morning we had breakfast at the inn and spent a relaxing morning talking, reading God's Word, and sitting in the rocking chairs in the gazebo in front of the inn catching up on our devotional book. Originally we had planned to go to Holiday World (and amusement park) for the day, but since it rained most of the morning we decided to take a walking tour of Marengo Cave. The 24 hours away from the girls was so refreshing and it was such a blessing to enjoy one another's company without the interruption of little people, although we were very glad to see the girls when we picked them up.