Andy and Sarah's Wedding Weekend

My brother, Andy, and his fiance, Sarah, got married last weekend and we made the trip to St. Louis to celebrate with them. The girls were flower girls and Stephen was a groomsman. During the rehearsal, when practicing the processional Julianne knew exactly what to do and scattered the flowers beautifully. Lorelei, on the other hand, walked down the aisle behind her sister and tried to pick up every one of the petals her sister had just thrown. She didn't even make it down the aisle because she was so distracted by the petals on the ground. During the wedding, I was just hoping she would make it down the aisle. On the big day, Julianne did a great job as flower girl. She confidently walked down the aisle and scattered the petals. Lorelei actually started throwing them on the ground, but then reverted to picking them up the rest of the way down the aisle. She finally made it down the whole aisle and was quickly escorted to the nursery where she could squirm and speak as loudly as she wanted. Julianne stayed in the sanctuary for the wedding ceremony and watched very quietly the whole time. Every day since the wedding Julianne tells me, "Sarah and Andy got married. Sarah was soooo beautiful." Both of the girls love their Aunt Sarah. During the reception we enjoyed yummy finger foods, which included wedding mints (a wedding tradition in our family). Each girl had at least 5 of these and both were a little hyper after so much sugar. Julianne was convinced that Sarah was going to wear glass slippers like Cinderella, so at the reception when Andy was about to take off Sarah's garter, Julianne ran over to check out Sarah's shoes. It looked like, however, she wanted to take off the garter and everyone got a kick out of it. It was such a beautiful wedding and we were so thankful to be able to spend time with so much of our family.