Cubbies, Slides, and Bikes

Today Julianne is three months away from her fourth birthday. She is growing up so quickly and has had several new developments in the last month or so. This past school year Julianne has been in Cubbies in the AWANA program at our church. This was the first year she had an AWANA book. Each week in this book we read a Bible story, did an activity, and Julianne had to memorize a Bible verse. Every Wednesday night she has been so excited to go to Cubbies with all of her friends and her teachers, Ms. Amy, Ms. Teresa, and Ms. Amanda. During the last official Wednesday night of Cubbies Julianne got to go to the Cubbies Carnival. She talked about the fun they had for days. She loved getting to jump on the bouncy and had her face painted like a cat. The Wednesday after the Cubbies Carnival was the AWANA awards ceremony. Julianne got sick right before we were supposed to go so she missed out on it, but she received her award later. After hearing from several parents that the kids said the Pledge of Allegiance, I asked her if she knew it because I hadn't heard her say it before, and sure enough she knew all of it. She also learned a Cubbies song that she loves to sing. I am so thankful for a church that invests in it's children so much.

On another note, Julianne has finally overcome her fear of enclosed slides. Up until a week and a half ago, Julianne refused to go down slides that were enclosed and she has always been a bit timid on playgrounds anyway. We have prodded, encouraged and even tried to bribe Julianne to go down, but she has remained adamant that she doesn't want to go down these slides. Finally when we were at Chick Fil A I saw her come down the slide and was pretty shocked that she had tried it without any prompting.

Last summer Julianne was beginning to pedal her tricycle, but still got very frustrated because she couldn't do it well. This spring she has literally "taken off" with riding wheeled toys. She loves riding her tricycle and bicycle (with training wheels) and is pretty good at it. She has even begun teaching her sister how to ride and is a very patient teacher. Here are some picture of our sweet big girl.