Fun with Lee and Charity

Last week Lee and Charity (good friends who used to live in Louisville, but now live in South Carolina) came to visit. Their trip had other purposes than just to see us, but we enjoyed getting to spend time with them. Julianne loved getting to see Lee and Charity and remembered them from when they lived here and from past trips they had made to Louisville. Lorelei took a little bit to warm up but when she did she didn't want to be separated from them. Whenever they were away from the house, she went around yelling "Tah-tah"(Charity) and kept looking out the door for her. Lee and Charity are such good playmates that the girls thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them.

On Wednesday all the girls went shopping at two different malls and Kohls. The highlight of the mall trips were the kid rides. We didn't even have to put money in them for the girls to enjoy. Julianne particularly enjoyed a bus with Arthur in it. She had been sitting on his lap, hugging him and talking to him and I asked her what she was doing. Her response: "He's my husband." Funny girl!

On Friday morning we went to Chick Fil A with Lee and Charity. The girls enjoyed playing in the play area and eating Ice Dream. That afternoon the adults all got to go to the Kentucky Oak's race, while the girls played with friends. On Saturday and Sunday we hung out more and celebrated Mother's Day. It was such a blessing to spend such quality time catching up with these dear friends.