Lorelei - 16 months

Lorelei is sixteen months old today and has had a rough past couple of days. Monday afternoon she started with a low grade fever and it persisted until Wednesday morning. I could tell she felt pretty crummy because she took almost 5 hours worth of naps (between two naps) on Tuesday and was VERY clingy. During these two days she was either in my arms or screaming and crying and clinging to my legs yelling "buh" (up). She has been pretty pitiful. This might be attributed to her two top incisors beginning to come in, although they have yet to break through her gums. The past several days have not been usual for our little sweetheart. Usually she is very happy, cuddly, mischievous,friendly, and energetic.

Here are a few new things Lorelei is doing these days:
- She says "boo" which means "please" when she wants something
- She began saying "mama" to actually get my attention
- She purposefully throws balls, forks, cups, toys, etc.
- She uses a fork and spoon to eat her food
- She says "ih" (sit) and either sits on a chair or on a lap
- She has started sitting for long enough to actually be read a book
- She calls her friends by name - "A-A"(Ainsley) and "Nuh-Nuh"(Nathan)
- She loves to take things out and put things in containers
- She smiles coyly and cocks her head to the side when asked to do
something she doesn't want to do
- She screams and throws herself on the floor when frustrated
- Instead of having a morning nap, she spends some rest/play time in her crib
(she has yet to enjoy this time- she does not like playing by herself)
- She enjoys pushing the baby stroller
- She picks up trash on the floor and throws it away in the trash can