Early April Trip to St. Louis

This past weekend we went to St. Louis for Uncle Andy and soon-to-be Aunt Sarah's wedding shower. We had a blast visiting with many of our family members and loved getting to celebrate with Andy and Sarah as they prepare for the big day. Julianne and Lorelei will be flower girls in the wedding and Julianne asked me several times before we left for St. Louis if she would get to wear her pretty dress this weekend. She is so excited to be in Andy and Sarah's wedding.

We drove in late Thursday night, so on Friday morning we made our trip to Old Town Donuts (seriously the best donuts I've ever tasted) and went over to our friend's house. Julianne and Lorelei loved getting to play with Annabelle and Jayce and even got to meet their sweet baby brother, Malachi. Friday afternoon we got to spend some time with Andy and Sarah and even went to a little park. Saturday was mostly spent at the shower, but later that afternoon we went to Faust Park where we got to ride the carousel and play on the playground. Lorelei was pretty crabby because she hadn't had a nap, but Julianne thoroughly enjoyed herself. That night we had a big family dinner with some Pirrone's Pizza, then Sunday after church and lunch we drove back to Louisville. Here are some pictures of our weekend.