Lorelei - 15 Months

Another month has flown by and Lorelei is now 15 months old. She is such a smilely, snuggly, loving little girl most of the time, but if you catch her in a bad mood or make her play by herself, watch out for some screaming. She is definitely not the independent little soul that Julianne is and sometimes I struggle to remember that God has created them very differently. While Julianne is fiercely independent and could play by herself for hours at a time, Lorelei would much rather be socializing in a room full of people. One of the perks of this characteristic is that she loves to be held and enjoys snuggling. She will often climb into my lap, put her head down on my shoulder, smile, and say "ahhh" or "mama". This often doesn't last very long (unless it's before naptime or bedtime) because she is a girl on the move and looking for trouble. Three times in the last week I have found Lorelei getting some kind of snack on her own. Last week she climbed up on Abby's food storage container to get up to the baker's rack that had a plate with one cupcake on it. After about 5 minutes of not hearing or seeing Lorelei I went looking for her. I found a very happy little girl stuffing the cupcake into her mouth as quickly as possible. This morning she climbed on a stool right next to the counter and was picking chocolate chips off of my waffle. Just 10 minutes later she got up on a kitchen chair, found the container of raisins, took off the lid, and was shoving handfuls of raisins into her mouth. The girl definitely loves to eat!

One big change Lorelei has experienced in the last week is the end of morning naps. I'm really amazed they have lasted this long and have had a suspicion for the past couple of weeks that they were coming to an end because they were getting shorter. Last week she didn't have any morning naps because of our schedule while Mimi was visiting and when I tried to give her one on Monday morning she refused it, which has never happened in all of Lorelei's life thus far. Lorelei has also become more aware of the state of her diaper. When she poops she will often look at me and say, "boo-poo". If I don't catch her in the act she will come to me, touch her diaper and say, "boo-poo". Since I don't have the most keen nose this is actually very helpful to me. Lorelei continues to love yogurt and is not a happy camper when her yogurt ration is gone. She yells "mah-mah"(more-more) and when I show her the empty bowl and tell her "no more" she quickly escalates into a crying, screaming mess while she continues to yell "mah-mah". Although this situation is frustrating sometimes, it is also very sad because you can tell she is just heartbroken over the fact that her beloved yogurt is all gone. Here are some pictures of our sweet 15 month old.