Spring Break with Mimi

Julianne and Lorelei's Mimi (my mom) came to visit us last week over her spring break and we had a blast with her. We got to do many fun things with her and the girls (and their parents) just enjoyed some time with their Mimi. Here's a run down of what we did all week:

On Tuesday we woke up and headed to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and participated in storytime. After that we went to the zoo and had a fun afternoon of walking around looking at all of the animals. That evening we grilled out and had a fun evening at home.

Wednesday morning we went to Mom 2 Mom (a mom's Bible Study at our church) and then picked up Jimmy John's on our way to the park. We ended up having our picnic in the van because it was so windy. The wind didn't stop us from playing though. The girls played on the playground and then on a baseball field that was nearby. They probably had more fun on the baseball field than they did at the playground. Julianne wrote her name in the dirt, ran the bases, and played hopscotch, while Lorelei covered the clean bases with dirt and then took at taste of the dirt. After naps that afternoon and dinner Lorelei had some one on one Mimi time while we took Julianne to church. She enjoyed snuggling with Mimi for almost 20 minutes right before bed (she never snuggles with her parents for that long!).

On Thursday we went to open gym at Kentucky Gymnastics Academy. Lorelei loved the balls and carried around a big pink ball almost the entire time. Julianne conquered her fear of swinging on the rope above the foam block pit and spend most of her time swinging over the pit then falling into it. She also loved jumping on the trampoline. After a trip to Costco and naps that afternoon, Mimi and Julianne made some yummy peanut butter balls (actually Mimi made them while Julianne sampled the ingredients). Julianne and Lorelei got to spend more time with Mimi that evening while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a date night.

Friday morning was spent playing around the house and preparing for our tea party. For lunch we had tea and other girly finger foods (cucumber sandwiches, chocolate chip scones, shortbread, fruit, hummus and veggies and mini PBJ's). Friday afternoon Mimi and Julianne went on an adventure to the mall where they enjoyed time playing at Pottery Barn Kids, sipping on chocolate milk from the food court, and shopping at Old Navy and Walden Books. That evening after a yummy dinner of Papa Murphy's pizza we played a game of princess dominoes before bedtime.

On Saturday we went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe and after almost 2 hours of waiting(it was completely worth the wait) enjoyed a delicious meal. That evening my mom was gracious enough to watch our two children along with three other children while we hosted our Life Group at our house.

Sunday ended our fun time together with a little bit of snow, although it melted by time time we got out of church. We were blessed to spend time with my mom and I am so thankful for the Godly role model and teacher she is to our daughters.