Stephen's 30th Birthday

On Wednesday Stephen celebrated his 30th birthday and since we had church that evening we decided to celebrate his birthday dinner on Tuesday night. He requested Springfield-style Cashew Chicken and using my $4 Groupon I got a cookie cake from the Great American Cookie Company. Before I could take a picture of the cake Lorelei somehow got to the cake and pressed down on the lid of the box so that some of the icing stuck to the lid and messed up the icing on the cake, so when you see the picture you can just imagine the cookie cake in all of it's perfection before little hands got to it. After eating dinner, Stephen opened his gifts. Julianne bought a purple slinky for him and Lorelei picked out (with Julianne's help) a purple princess frisbee. Just what a daddy has always wanted! I put together a basket of 30 things that I knew Stephen would enjoy (30oz coke, 30 oreos, 30 triscuits). After playing with Stephen's new toys, we sang happy birthday and enjoyed the cake. I am thankful for the blessing that Stephen is to our family!