Three and a half

Julianne has actually been three and a half for a month, but I've struggled to find time to write an update about what she's been doing. One of the reasons I have less time is because we have been doing school time since August for 1-2 hours three days a week. It's a fun time for us to spend together without Lorelei's sweet interruptions and Julianne enjoys it and learned a lot. She has become very interested in writing letters and has even started writing the letters she hears in certain words. She has been writing her name for a couple of months, but is now writing her name with all letters formed correctly. She has improved vastly in rote and touch counting. She can count to 29 and if reminded what each of the tens (thirty, forty, fifty, etc.) are she can go further. She still struggles with naming basic shapes consistently, but knows what a hexagon and a trapezoid are. She can memorize school verses and her Cubbies verses easily and loves to watch "Hide em in your heart: Bible memory melodies". She loves learning about Bible passages and her favorite one of late is the Parable of the Good Samaritan, which she refers to as the "story about the bleeding man". She always loves hearing the account of Jesus birth and Jesus' death and resurrection. It is such a blessing to get to see her understanding of the Gospel deepen. When confronted with disobedience her token answer is, "We are all sinful each day. Yeah." She regularly reminds me that Jesus was nailed to the cross and rose again to save us from our sins.

Julianne is a joy to have as a daughter and is almost always willing to do anything I ask her to do to help around the house or with Lorelei. She is quite the little mother and loves her baby dolls (although don't ever try to call them dolls, because she is convinced they are real babies). One thing she loves more than her "babies" is real babies or children littler than her. She talks in a very sweet voice to them, bends down in front of them and calls them all "sweet pea." She tells them she loves them, comforts them when sad, wipes their noses, cleans spit up off their faces, brings them toys, and has even fed a couple of little ones we've watched their bottles. She is not only has a helpful spirit, but is very capable of taking care of babies/children (although I am sure to be close by).

Julianne loves: dressing barbies, having books read to her, "reading" books on her own (usually involves telling about the pictures), coloring, making cards or books for friends and family members, jumping off of things, singing, listening to music, wearing her rain jacket and umbrella when it's raining, wearing socks, sweets of any kind, going to church, and playing games with her daddy.

Julianne dislikes: going to bed without socks, her sister messing up things she's playing with, the slide at Chick-Fil-A, potatoes of all varieties, spankings, her sister's poopy diapers, and cleaning up her toys.