Lorelei - 14 Months

Another month has passed and our sweet Lorelei is 14 months old now. I keep thinking that Lorelei's inclination to put things in her mouth will pass soon, but so far this has not improved and if anything it is getting worse. I completely understand a teething toddler gnawing on fingers, toys, food, kitchen utensils, and other somewhat clean, safe items, but Lorelei has recently had a streak of putting extremely gross items in her mouth. If you have a weak stomach, I suggest you read no further than this. I'll start with the least gross and move to the most gross things that have been found in Lorelei's mouth in the past week: rocks, crayons, shoes, dog toys, a toilet brush, and bird poop. I feel like the last item needs a bit of explanation. A couple of days ago we were on a walk and Lorelei bent down and touched something on the ground. Seconds later, when I looked back at her she had a brown gooey substance all over the side of her mouth. When I realized what she had done, I rushed her home, and then washed her hands and mouth out with soap several times. I am thankful for how the Lord has protected our sweet and inquisitive girl so far and am praying daily for more of this.

In other, more happy Lorelei news, she now knows many animal sounds. When asked, "What does a {insert animal name} say?" she will respond appropriately. She knows what a dog, cat, cow, duck, sheep, horse, and chicken say. She has recently become interested in stomping her feet and walking backwards. She looks very proud of herself when completing these tasks. Lorelei is still taking two naps a day and loves to sleep on her stomach. She loves yogurt, but does not like milk. She is following in the steps of her big sister and enjoys playing with baby dolls. She'll hold them and pat them on the head/back and will sometimes give them a kiss. Here are some pictures of our 14 month old.