Warm Days in February

This past week we've had a couple of warm days, which were quite welcome after a very cold and snowy winter. I know winter is not over yet, but it was nice to get a little reprieve and some time outside of the house. One of the days the weather man said it would be the peak day of the week we went to the zoo. It ended up not being the warmest day, but we still had fun with my friend, Amanda, and her little boy, Barrett. It was really the first zoo trip that Lorelei was aware of the animals and she loved looking at them and talking about their sounds. So far, when asked she can tell you that sheep say "baa", ducks say "da-da"(quack-quack), and dogs say "wuh-wuh"(woof-woof). If she doesn't know what a particular animal says she automatically says "wuh-wuh"(woof-woof). The highlight of the trip for Julianne was not the animals, but was an old van they have for kids to play on and the playground. The following day the girls and I walked to a neighborhood playground and played for a bit. Julianne took her baby and swung her baby on the swing and took the baby down the slide, while Lorelei tried her best to taste every rock on the ground of the playground. It was a delightful way to spend a warm afternoon!