Valentine's Day 2011

Julianne began preparing for Valentine's Day about two weeks before the big day. She was so excited about making valentines for everyone that she got to work right away. At one point she made the realization that if she was making valentines for others that she might actually get some too, so she started asking me several times a day, "Am I going to get any valentines?" Sure enough, she did get some valentines and was quite excited. On Valentine's Day morning we had waffles, strawberries, and bananas for breakfast. After getting ready we went to a doctor appointment to re-check Lorelei's ears, which we found out were both infected, so she is now on an antibiotic. We ran to Target after that, which was not Lorelei's most successful trip because she was tired, had a double ear infection, and did not want to remain seated in the cart. Once home we had heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that had a carrot stick arrow through it. The girls were not impressed with my creativity and either threw them on the ground(Lorelei)or stuck them in the sandwich to make a face(Julianne). Both girls took a Valentine's Day nap; Lorelei actually took a four hour nap which is unheard of for her. Julianne's friend, Shiloh, and Shiloh's mommy and baby brother came over for a short visit and brought us some Valentine's Cake Pops. Yum! Stephen then surprised us by coming home from work early and brought each of us a bouquet of flowers. Julianne seemed to really like them and several times thanked Stephen for them without being prompted. Lorelei just liked banging the flowers on everything. We went for a walk and then fed the girls dinner. Julianne decided she wanted a heart shaped waffle and grapefruit. We don't usually do waffles two times in a day, but for Valentine's Day we made an exception. After putting the girls to bed, Stephen and I enjoyed a Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizza and watched a couple of movies. Overall, it was a fun Valentine's Day.