As you may know, Julianne's hair is very curly and has been pretty slow to grow. Now that it has gotten long enough we can put it in ponytails to try to bring some sense of order to it. A couple of days ago, on a particularly crazy hair day, I put two ponytails on the top of her head and when I saw the mess in the back I decided to put a ponytail in the back too. Julianne has been asking me forever to put her ponytail in the back so she was pretty excited. She probably got the idea from the book "Stephanie's Ponytail" by Robert Munsch which she loves to have read to her. While we were on a ponytail streak I decided to put a ponytail in Lorelei's hair too. Her ponytail was not quite as full as Julianne's but she has just enough hair on the top of her head for a very skinny looking ponytail.