Lorelei - 13 Months

Two words describe Lorelei's accomplishments in the past month: Speaking and Screaming. She still is very mobile and is gaining speed and balance, but she loves to speak most of all. She knows many names of family members: "mama", "dada", "doo-doo" (Ju-ju, Julianne), "bahpah" (Papa), "dee-dee" (Gigi), "muh-muh" (Mimi), "bah-bah" (Abby). She loves to go up to a picture we have of Papa and Gigi (Stephen's parents) and say, "Bah-pah. Dee-dee" (Papa. Gigi.) She has a pretty wide vocabulary: "di-dah" (diaper), "boo-poo" (poo-poo), "nah-nah" (no-no and night-night), "ah-ah" (apple), "nah" (snack and nap), and "da" (that- used for everything she doesn't know the word for). Usually this last word ("da") is said in a very loud and screeching voice in order to get the attention of everyone in the neighborhood, which brings us to Lorelei's second accomplishment of screaming.

Just in the past two weeks she has started screaming to get attention. This occurs either when she wants something and we're not paying attention or when we've corrected her and she doesn't like it. One of her biggest vices continues to be the stairs. Most of the time I put something in front of the stairs so she will not even have the option of climbing them, but I've started leaving them open to begin training her to listen and obey what I tell her. It has been an exhausting experience so far. When I see her heading for the stairs I try to distract her by offering a toy, but most of the time there is not much that would lure her away from her beloved stair climbing activity. I firmly tell her "No" and her response is generally a big smile and a last ditch effort to go as fast as possible up as many stairs as possible until I can get to her. This then happens over and over again until I have enough sense to just block the stairs again. Even when the stairs are blocked she has figured out how to squeeze between the blockade yelling "buh" (up). Life is getting challenging, but is still very enjoyable with our sweet 13 month old.