Julianne's Babies

Julianne's favorite toys, since before she could even walk, have been baby dolls. She still loves her dolls, but be careful not to call them dolls, because she will correct you and say, "They are real babies." Most of her day is spent caring for her many babies by swaddling them, rocking them to sleep, putting them in bed, nursing them, feeding them bottles and baby food, taking them on walks in the stroller, undressing them and dressing them, changing their diapers, reading them books, singing to them, and playing with them. One of the phrases she shares with us over and over is "Babies are a lot of work." Julianne is very dedicated to her children and has names for each of them. She tends to name them after people she likes, but can come up with some original names as well. Some of her babies names are Sarah (she has several babies named Sarah), Ainsley, Liz, Laura, Ethan, Ainee, Betty, Achteldune, and Engineesa. The last two were original names. Julianne takes at least one baby (mommy's rule, otherwise she would take all of them) wherever she goes and makes sure they get to experience what she is experiencing. She holds them up to see what she is looking at and tells them all about whatever she is up to. She is such a good little mommy and uses many of these skills to be a very sweet and helpful sister to Lorelei. She repeatedly tells me and Lorelei, "I love her so much. My love will never change for her." She loves to hug, kiss, and hold Lorelei almost so much that Lorelei does not always welcome it. Although sometimes Julianne's "mothering" of Lorelei can be out of place, most of the time it is very helpful. Sometimes when I am tied up, Julianne will keep Lorelei from getting into thing, saying very gently "No maam" and picking her up and moving her to a safer place. I am so thankful to see firsthand the many wonderful qualities God is developing in Julianne to prepare her to become a mommy herself one day.