Lorelei - 12 Months

Our sweet Lorelei Mae is now one year old. I got an email today that was titled "Week 53: What you toddler should be doing." At first I thought, "Why are they sending me information about a toddler?" but then I realized that she is really no longer a baby, although I may still refer to her as my baby for some time still. Lorelei has changed so much from a baby who spit up more than I care to remember to a little girl who can out-eat her sister. We went to the pediatrician today for her 12 month well check and her stats were as follows: weight - 21 lbs. 1 oz.(40th%), height - 29.5 in.(55%), head circumference - 18 in.(60%). Except for an ear infection in her left ear, she was pronounced a healthy one year old. She had to get several shots and was pretty emotional about the whole ordeal. After calming down from the initial screaming, every once in awhile for the next half hour or so she seemed to remember the horrific nature of what was done to her and she would close her eyes, open her mouth in a crying pout, and then wimper until comforted to the degree she saw fit. It was pretty pitiful.

On the night of Lorelei's birthday party, she started walking much better than she had been. She now tries to walk just about everywhere, unless it's to crawl over to a wall or something else to pull up on, so that she can resume walking. She can walk easily across a room and has even picked up speed while doing so. She has started squatting down and then standing up on her own without having to pull up on something. She still continues to climb on anything that is not too tall and heads for the stairs when they are left unguarded. She frantically goes up as many stairs as she can before caught and then when safely followed up the stairs by mommy or daddy she goes as slowly as possible. Her sin nature is so apparent even at this young of an age. She still loves to play with spoons, cups, and dolls and loves to pull things out and put things into boxes.

Her language development is far beyond what Julianne's was at this age and watches us intently to see what we are saying. She points to things and says "dat" when she wants to know what it is and often tries to imitate the words we say. So far her vocabulary is : "bah"(ball), "bah-bah"(baby), "baa-baa"(Abby), "dow"(down), "duh"(done), "buh"(cup and up), and "nih-nih"(night-night). She says "mama" and "dada" appropriately and enjoys saying "uh-uh" when we make this sound to tell her that she shouldn't be doing something. She loves to laugh when others are laughing or to get attention and she and her sister get into long laughing matches. Lorelei still loves her sister and would rather be with her than with anyone else. She continues to be a good eater and has started drinking cow's milk. She loves to be around people, although she is wary of new and unfamiliar people. She is mostly content, but when upset she enjoys a good snuggle. We are so thankful to have spent the last 12 months with this sweet girl and look forward to many more.