Christmas in Springfield

On Lorelei's birthday we drove three and a half hours south-west of St. Louis to Springfield, MO where my Grandma Northrip and other family lives. We were there for less than 24 hours, but we packed in a lot of fun. On Tuesday night we had a big family dinner and then opened Christmas presents. For some reason Julianne decided to open her presents with the help of a pencil. She would use the pencil to break the seal and then would unwrap the rest of it. I'm not exactly sure where she got this idea, but she also helped a couple other people open their gifts that way. The next morning we just visited and the girls played around my grandma's house. Julianne loved getting to play with my cousin, Mady, and they had the best time jumping on my grandma's big king size bed. Lorelei even got in on the jumping and a had a ball as well. We met up with more family for lunch at a wonderful restaurant called Mr. Yen's and we ate good food and enjoyed even better fellowship. After lunch we made a quick visit to my great-grandma's house. It was her 102nd birthday so we enjoyed some cake too. It was such a blessing to see so much of our family.