Lorelei - 11 Months

It seems so unreal to me that Lorelei will be one year old in less than a month. She is growing and changing so quickly. About a week and a half ago Lorelei took her first couple of steps. Since then she is trying out this new skill quite often. Today she was on a roll and took about four steps, although most of the time she takes one or two steps then gracefully falls as soon as she realizes what is happening. She is very steady at standing and has begun creeping along the furniture with some speed. This morning she went back and forth along the couch over and over. When she got to the end she'd look at me and grin like she was very proud of her speed. As I mentioned in the last post about our mobile girl, she is always into something. Several very tempting items that are considered "no-no's" in our house are: Abby's water bowl, the tv cabinet, and the diaper champ. She regularly heads for these items and even after being told "no" and disciplined for getting into them she will head straight back toward them. This makes any kind of productivity very difficult for her mommy. Because of all of the fun Lorelei has during the day, she has recently been having trouble stopping long enough to take a nap or go to bed. She has really begun fighting going to sleep at these times. Once she is asleep she'll stay asleep and sleep well, but the process of going to sleep can take up to 30 or 45 minutes. Her favorite activity while "going to sleep" is banging on the wall.

Although life is getting more difficult as she gets older, it is mostly enjoyable to watch her grow and do more things. She is the friendliest little girl and will smile at just about anyone. She loves when people talk to her and she is happy to talk back. She is not officially saying any words yet, but she is beginning to point to things/people and say "da" which I interpret as, "What's that?" I'll tell her what it is and she repeats what I've said in her own little language. She has begun using some baby sign language. She'll sign for "more", "all done" and "please". She doesn't do this 100% of the time but does it most of the time. She continues to eat mainly table foods, although after a certain time period of feeding herself she seems to tire of it and wants us to feed her. Last night she gave up early in the meal on feeding herself so I tried forking the bites in front of her to give to her. She wanted nothing to do with this and very stubbornly turned her head and tried to knock the fork out of my hand. She was still eying the food on my plate so I put her food on my plate and just forked her food off my plate. It was the same food, but it just looked better on my plate. She ate all of it this way. Not only does she love food, but she also loves spoons and cups. You will often find her crawling around with a spoon in her hand, gnawing on it when she takes a moment to rest, or with a cup hiding her face because she is trying to drink from it. Another favorite toy is one of the many baby dolls (thanks to her sister) that are laying around our house. She loves waving baby dolls by their arms, squeezing their heads, and pointing to their facial features. We're still working on gentleness. Here are some pictures of our sweet eleven month old.