Lorelei - 10 Months

I say this every month, but again, I find it hard to believe that my baby is ten months old. Where has the time gone? Lorelei's life has drastically changed in the last month. She is now fully mobile (crawling, pulling up, creeping along furniture, pushing things to walk where she wants). Today for the first time she stood on her own for a few seconds. She just let go and looked at me like, "Should I be doing this?" and then fell on her very padded diaper bottom. We recently got out a little push toy and she has loved walking around with it. With this new found mobility our home is in a constant state of utter chaos. Lorelei likes to pull everything off shelves and tables and is constantly getting into her sister's toys. Stephen has always lovingly called Lorelei, the "Lorelei Monster," but this name is very fitting for her when she charges into a room that has barbies, princesses, and baby dolls and takes captive anything that looks fitting to be chewed on. One of her most favorite destructive games is to get into the tissue box, take all of the tissues out and to rip them up into tiny pieces. It's so much fun to watch, but not so fun to clean up.

Lorelei continues to love food and will eat just about anything we are eating. She still eats some baby food and her favorite pureed food right now is butternut squash. She has gotten two new teeth in the past week and three more are about to push their way through, so she has been more of a picky eater in the past few days. She has also begun to babble more and is always "talking". There have been a couple of times when we say "Abby" and "Baby" she has tried to imitate those sounds and it actually sounded pretty close. Lorelei loves to hear music and "sings" along herself. She actually has pretty good rhythm and bounces, rocks, and waves her hands in time. She has also started clapping in the past several days and loves the attention she gets for doing it. She is quite the funny girl and laughs, coughs and grows to get your attention. She loves attention and although she loves to be on her own she loves to be held and cuddled.