Mimi's Fall Trip to Louisville

Last weekend Julianne and Lorelei's Mimi (my mom) was able to come and visit us for a long weekend. On Friday, while Stephen was hard at work, we drove to Cincinnati and went to IKEA. The adults had a great time shopping and the girls had even more fun playing in the showcase room and in the children's area. We enjoyed a yummy lunch of swedish meatballs, carrots, mashed potatoes, and cake. The best part of eating lunch at IKEA on Friday is that kids eat free. I knew Lorelei would probably want some food, so I decided to get her a kids meal, thinking that Julianne would probably help her eat some of it. Well, in reality, Lorelei ate all of her meal and a couple of things from Julianne's lunch. The girl loved the meatballs, inhaled the applesauce, ate quite a few carrots, and then had room for a couple of small bites of mommy's chocolate cake. She loves her food! After refueling, we did a bit more shopping and managed to make it out without spending too much money.

On Saturday Julianne and Mimi went on a date and had a great time. They brought Chick-Fil-A home for the rest of us, then Mimi, Julianne, and I went to a Trick-or-Treating event that was in a shopping center across the street from our place. Julianne got to ride a horse for the first time and was a natural. She wasn't scared at all. She also got to play in some inflatable bouncies. We made a trip to COSTCO and then went to our Adult Bible Fellowship Class' chili cook off. That evening Mimi stayed at home with the girls so Stephen and I could go on a date. On Sunday we went to church and then finished making crock pot apple butter in the afternoon. We all enjoyed Mimi's visit!