Lorelei -9 Months

Lorelei actually turned nine months about a week and a half ago, but we just went to the doctor for her nine month check up today. Except for a double ear infection and a bit of eczema, everything looked good. Here are her stats: Length- 28 in.(55th percentile), Weight- 19lbs. 14oz.(70th percentile), Head Circumference- 17.5in.(55th percentile). Other than a runny nose and cough, she showed no other signs of an ear infection, but I kind of suspected it because of her sister's history. She hasn't had a fever or seemed bothered by it, so it seems like she also takes after her sister's tolerance for pain.

The day after Lorelei turned nine months old she started crawling forward finally. After a couple of days of practice she picked up speed and get just about anywhere she wants to go. She is still quite content, though, sitting in one place to play, so she generally doesn't go very far (which I am okay with). She has perfected pulling up and loves to play standing up. She even loves to play standing up in her crib, while she should be sleeping. Needless to say, Lorelei has begun fighting sleep. There were several nights where she actually went to sleep sitting up and then we had to lay her down. The excitement of mobility was just too much for her. Diaper changes have become a challenge because of this new found freedom. She does not want to lie still long enough to get anything done and constantly tries to turn over and get away before a diaper can get put back on.

Lorelei's favorite sound to make is "Ba-ba-ba-ba" and when we try to get her to say "mama" or "dada" or just about any word, she looks very pleased and says "ba-ba". She is quite a "talker" and loves to use her sweet voice as much as possible. Lorelei is a great eater and is now eating mainly table foods. She would prefer to eat something off our plates, rather than baby food in a bowl and she can out eat her sister any day. This is probably one of the reasons she is a bit bigger than her sister was at this age. Her tongue is constantly sticking out of her mouth and she likes to suck on her tongue. We have had to begin disciplining Lorelei for getting into things she shouldn't and for biting. When I tell her "No" very firmly and give her a slight thump, she smiles and laughs. Not exactly the reaction I'm going for! Here are some pictures of our very sweet nine month old.