Trip to Missouri

Last week the girls and I had the opportunity to drive to Missouri to see friends and family. We drove to St. Louis and spent time with Mimi, Uncle Andy, Gigi, Papa, Great Grandma Muhleman, Great-Uncle Steve, Great-Aunt Shelley, and cousin Peter. Julianne and Lorelei even got to play with Annabelle and Jayce one day. On Wednesday we picked up my cousin, Rachel, and her little girl, Zoe, from the airport and drove down to Springfield, MO in the pouring rain. We spent some great time with my Grandma Northrip while we were there. That weekend all of our family came to town and we had a fun picture taking session. I'll include these pictures on another post. We had a wonderful time visiting, eating, playing at parks, and eating some more. Julianne loved playing with Ingamarie, Vivianna, Mady, Gabe, and Zoe. We had the privilege of visiting with my great-grandma Nanny Northrip, who will be 102 in December. It is such a blessing to get to enjoy time with family. We also got to see an old college friend, Lori, and her two sweet kids, Adriana and Paxton. Julianne had a blast playing Adriana and Lorelei enjoyed watching Paxton crawl all around her. It was such a fun time! Here are pictures of our trip.