Lorelei - 8 months

Lorelei turned eight months old almost two weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting pictures about our sweet eight month old. Her newest skill is scooting around on her belly and getting up on her knees by herself. So far she only scoots backwards, but she can pivot on her belly so she can get just about anywhere, although she's not yet very purposeful about where she goes. She tends to scoot backwards until she hits something and can't go any further, so several times recently we have found her halfway under pieces of furniture and have had to rescue her. Lorelei has finally figured out how to turn from her back to her belly. One day last week when I went to get her in the morning she had turned onto her belly and was up on her knees rocking back and forth. She loves pushing herself onto her knees, but so far doesn't stay there for long. She still loves to be up on her feet (with support, of course) and enjoys jumping.

She continues to enjoy her food and has been introduced to the world of table food. She has perfected the pincer grasp and feeds herself much more successfully now. She would prefer to feed herself, but still allows mommy and daddy to feed her some baby foods. So far she has tried peas, carrots, cantelope, peaches, watermelon, waffles, and bread. She is a good little eater. Here are some pictures of our eight month old.