Three Years Old

Julianne celebrated her third birthday on Tuesday and had a very special day. Daddy took off work to spend the day with her and she loved getting to spend some extra time with him. She has such a special place in her heart for her daddy and refers to him as "my daddy". She chose where we went for her birthday breakfast and decided on Waffle House. She ordered chocolate chip waffles, bacon, and apple juice. She finished it all and helped me finish a piece of toast and part of my waffle. In the past couple of months her appetite has greatly increased. After breakfast we wandered the toy aisles at Target and "just looked". This may not seem like a fun activity for most three year olds, but Julianne is always asking to go look around Target, so she was thrilled to get to do it at her own pace. We went home to play and rest, then went to a neighborhood pool for the later afternoon and evening. Julianne loved the baby pool and was not afraid to go face first into the water. After swimming we went home for dinner, then skyped Mimi while Julianne blew out her candles and ate her cupcake. Mimi was able to get in on the birthday singing and Julianne loved getting to show Mimi all of her gifts.

On Thursday we went to the doctor for Julianne's three year check up. She weighed 32 lbs and is 38 in tall. Both are considered in the 50th percentile. The doctor did say that one of her tubes had come out of her ear, but that one was still in. Julianne got two shots and acted like her legs bothered her for the rest of the day. She kept saying, "My legs really hurt. Maybe they'll fell better in the Fall." That afternoon she took a three hour nap, which was shocking, since she has recently given up naps altogether. She now does "rest time" and reads books and plays quietly in bed. Julianne still loves her baby dolls and if you call them baby dolls, she corrects you by saying, "It's not a baby doll, it's a real baby." She could spend hours dressing and undressing her babies. She continues to be a great helper and a wonderful big sister. She loves books and likes to "read" them to her babies. The other day I read her a simple picture book with one or two words on a page and later I heard her reading the book to herself. I realize that she had memorized the words and was not actually reading them, but it's another step closer to independent reading. She is such a fun little girl and we are thankful that God has given us another year with her.