Seven and a Half Months

Lorelei continues to be stationary,, but she is taking the necessary steps toward being mobile. She enjoys tummy time more and more and can pivot around on her tummy to get things out of reach. Yesterday for the first time she pushed herself backwards and got up on her hands and knees for a second. She seems perfectly content to sit around and watch the action going on around her. She absolutely loves to watch her sister and our dog, Abby. She smiles and giggles with glee each time either of them walk into the room. Although in the early baby days Lorelei did not like bathtime, she has come to love baths. She loves to splash and chew on bath toys. Getting water in her face does not bother her at all. The other day she was in the bathtub playing with a baby doll and instead of lifting the baby doll up to her mouth to chew on it, she went bobbing for baby dolls and wound up with several mouth and nose fulls of water.

Just in the past week or so Lorelei has begun developing a preference for fruit over vegetables, which is somewhat typical, but up until this point she would eat just about anything without complaint. At the beginning of a meal she refuses to open her mouth all the way until she knows what is being put into it. She opens it a tiny bit just to get a small taste and if she likes what she tastes she'll open her mouth up, if not, it clamps shut. We've learned to pair a fruit and a vegetable and to sneak in the vegetable bites. So far it has worked wonderfully. She still hasn't really perfected the pincer grasp (index finger and thumb) so when given puff she grabs several in her fists and can't figure out how to get them into her mouth. We usually have mercy on her and stick a few in her mouth. Today during her lunch I looked over and found Julianne sitting in a chair right by the high chair feeding Lorelei and herself puffs. No wonder Lorelei loves her sweet sister!