Sisters for Seven Months

Julianne and Lorelei have officially been sisters for seven months now and their love for one another has most definitely grown with time. Lorelei could sit by herself for hours if she could just watch what her sister is doing. She has constant smiles and laughs for Julianne and loves when Julianne greets her after naptime. Julianne loves Lorelei and asks more now to hold her, although tires of this quickly when she realizes how heavy Lorelei is. She enjoys tickling her to get Lorelei to laugh and has even started sharing some of her babies with Lorelei, which is a huge accomplishment for our non-sharing, baby-loving, daughter. Julianne is somewhat patient with Lorelei's fussing and crying, although when she doesn't want to hear it she'll rebuke her and say, "You may not ever cry in my room(or wherever the crying seems to be happening)." When Lorelei doesn't heed the rebuke, Julianne will try to cover up the fussing with her own fussing and it usually goes downhill from there. Overall, Julianne is a wonderful little helper for me and for her sister. When people ask her, "Are you the big sister?" She'll reply with, "I'm not the sister. I'm the mommy." She takes her role as a big sister and mommy to her babies very seriously. Here are some pictures of our sweet girls.