Lorelei - 7 Months

Lorelei is seven months old today and continues to bless us with her sweet personality day after day. She is usually very easy going and plays well by herself by chewing on toys or watching her big sister. Watch out, though, because if she feels like she has been ignored too long, she will let you know with ear piercing screaming and crying until you pick her up. She has become quite the babbler in the past couple of weeks. She goes on and on with "Wuh-wuh-wuh" and "Bah-bah-bah" and "Muh-muh-muh." The last sound I am particularly proud of because if you notice it is very close to "Mama". Lorelei has also begun jumping when she's in her jumper, exersaucer, or being held. She'll jump for a while then grin at whoever is watching. She is a very steady sitter, although still occasionally falls somewhat gracefully backwards or to the side. Often while she is sitting she'll hold onto her big toe and bend down to chew on her toes for a bit. She also likes grabbing onto her toes and chewing on them when she's lying down.

I have a feeling that she might be a later crawler than her sister was. One reason is that she hates to be on her tummy. I'll admit that I probably haven't been as faithful about giving her tummy time, but when I do she puts up with it for a couple of minutes then screams bloody murder until moved. I've experimented with leaving her there to scream, thinking that she might just get mad enough to turn over, but usually she just gets more mad instead of putting the negative energy to work. We have put her up on her knees and she is able to hold herself up in the crawling position, but no movement yet, and really that is a-okay with me since crawling brings on a whole new set of problems.

This past month Lorelei finally sprouted her first two teeth (one at about 6.5 months and one two weeks later- both bottom/center teeth). This girl definitely loves her food (as you can tell by the sweet rolls on her arms and legs). She has tried sweet potatoes, peaches, green beans, apples, plums, oatmeal, and rice cereal. She also had her first taste of puffs yesterday. When Julianne put the puffs on her tray, she grabbed them by the fistful and banged them on the tray. She obviously didn't understand what they were for. We helped her out by putting some in her mouth and she seemed to enjoy them.

One last big achievement for Lorelei this past month was that we stopped swaddling her. I know she might be a little old to continue to be swaddled, but both girls have always slept so well and I am convinced it was because of the swaddle blanket we used with them. So we continued swaddling her until we were convinced she didn't need it. Since she gained this new freedom she has started scooting herself to the top of the crib and bumping her head. For several night we had to go rescue her from this awful fate because she kept waking herself up. She also tends to wake up earlier now (around 6:30-7 a.m.). Overall, Lorelei is a great sleeper and we are so thankful to get to share every day with her.