First Solo Trip to St. Louis

Last weekend as we left Wisconsin, Julianne rode home with Mimi and Uncle Andy to spend a week in St. Louis with them. She had a great time and didn't seem to miss us at all. Whenever we talked with her on the phone or on skype she would politely answer our questions and then would say "I'm all done" and would either place the phone on the nearest surface or give the phone back to Mimi, who would then at least try to get her to tell us good-bye and that she loved us. During the week Mimi and Uncle Andy kept Julianne busy with lots of fun activities. They went to Grant's Farm, where Julianne got to feed a bottle to the goats and when one tried to nibble on her shirt, she stated, "You may not ever eat my shirt again." I'm not sure the goat understood, but it must have made her feel better to say this. They also took a trip to the Magic House with our friends, Barb, Sarah, Annabelle, and Jayce. Julianne's favorite part was the baby nursery. Julianne got to go to Bangert Pool and had a blast playing on the new splash pad. She also had fun making "bottom prints" on the concrete around the pool. While in St. Louis Julianne got to spend time with several sweet friends and family. One of her favorite St. Louis friends is Annabelle and along with going to the Magic House with her, she got to go to "Annabelle's House" and play on her new swingset. She also got to play with my cousin, Ingamarie, and was quite impressed that Ingamarie had a princess bed like hers. Along with these younger playmates, she got to spend time with Great Grandma Muhleman, Great Aunt Shelley, Great Uncle Steve, Gigi, Papa and many others whom I am probably forgetting to mention. Overall, the first trip away from mommy and daddy went really well and we're already planning the second annual St. Louis trip for both girls next summer!