Lorelei - 6 Months

I'm amazed that my sweet baby is half way to her first birthday. Time flies when you're having fun and we are having so much fun with Lorelei. Today we went to the pediatrician for her six month appointment and everything looked great. Here are her stats: Length - 26.25in(75th percentile), Weight - 17lbs 15.8oz(90th percentile), Head Circumference - 16.7in(50th percentile). As you can tell she is one healthy little girl and is a much larger baby than her sister ever was. When the doctor checked out her eyes, he remarked at how much he was able to see because she was looking at him with such wide eyes. She has the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes (and I'm not partial or anything - Ha!). Lorelei is still very content, although she will only go so long without getting any attention. During dinner preparation is when she gets the most fussy and it seems to be because I can't give her my devoted attention. When she tries to get your attention she'll start out babbling quietly, which escalates into yelling, then squealing, then crying, and finally screaming and crying. It's not pretty if her demands are not met!

Lorelei has become much more steady in sitting independently although if left for long periods of time she will fall over. Several times I have left her sitting up and when I come back to check on her she's on her tummy. I think she falls forward and then gets her hands and feet from under her to push herself up on her belly, although I've never observed this firsthand. Although she enjoys sitting, she prefers to be in the standing position either by being held or in her exersaucer. When she is laying down she has discovered that there are little things on the ends of her feet called toes and that they are fun to grab onto and to stick in her mouth. She not only chews on her toes, but will chew on just about anything she can get her hands on, which brings me to another skill she has mastered: lunging and grabbing for just about anything in the near vicinity. The other day while I was grocery shopping I realized that she had grabbed the coupons I had been holding and was gnawing away at them. I was a bit embarrassed and thankful that the cashier was able to take my soggy coupons. One of Lorelei's favorite things to do is flap her arms up and down. She especially loves to do this while holding onto an object that she can bang on a hard surface.

Lorelei still adores her big sister, but has come to enjoy Abby too. Her face lights up with a huge smile whenever Abby comes into the room. Today I sat her next to Abby to snap a picture and Lorelei grabbed Abby's ear and tried to get it in her mouth. You should have seen the look I got from Abby, but she sat there very patiently and took it very well. As Lorelei has become more aware of her surroundings, she has also become more social and therefore is beginning to take shorter naps, so that she won't have to be away from the action for long. Some days she'll take 2 two hour naps, whereas other days she'll only take 2 forty-five minute naps. She continues to sleep well at night (usually from 7 p.m.-7 a.m.) and just in the past few days I have cut out her early morning feed. She is now eating two "meals" a day. We've introduced rice cereal, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes. She loves her food! Here are some pictures of our sweet six month old.