"Bay-cation" - Part 2

On Wednesday we went to the beach in Peninsula State Park. The water was pretty chilly but Julianne didn't seem to mind. She walked all the way out in the water and then came back on the beach to play in the sand. Great Aunt Shelley was the best playmate and lovingly made sandcastle after sandcastle only to be demolished by Julianne. Lorelei, on the other hand, was not as tolerant of the cool water and only got in for a short time. She did enjoy playing with the sand, but just kept trying to put fistfuls in her mouth, so we quickly put an end to this activity. That evening we went to a Fish Boil, where they cook your whole meal in a huge pot outside. To finish the cooking process they do a boil over in which they pour a can of accelerant over the fire which creates a huge fire. We enjoyed white fish, potatoes, onion, cole slaw, bread and cherry pie. YUM!

On Thursday my mom and I had the opportunity to go parasailing. The view of the bay was beautiful from a height of 350 feet. It was so peaceful up in the air and we each made it back to the boat without any glitches. That evening after dinner, Stephen and I had the opportunity to go on a date while the rest of our family took the girls to the campsite that my brother and cousin were staying at that evening. They enjoyed another great campfire, while we walked around Fish Creek and did a little bit of shopping. At sunset we went to Sunset Park and enjoyed a beautiful view of the setting sun. It was wonderful to enjoy each other's company and conversation and not be interrupted by two sweet little girls. After it was dark we sat outside on the deck of a local restaurant and enjoyed dessert and warm drinks.

Friday was probably our busiest day in Door County. We started off by having brunch at Al Johnson's. Julianne tried some of Uncle Andy's pickled herring and pickled beets. We were ready with the camera to capture her expression, but she didn't seem to mind it and just kept eating. After brunch we went to a local orchard and picked cherries. Julianne liked picking them, but loved getting to eat them right off the tree. As I was trying to get her to leave she stopped at every tree to pick and eat "one more" cherry. Needless to say, it took awhile to get her back into the van. After some naps (for Mommy too) we went to the beach again and Uncle Steve and Peter took us out on a sailboat they had rented. Julianne enjoyed the ride but at the end was ready to be free to play in the sand and water. That evening we had a yummy dinner of homemade pizza made by the men under the supervision of Uncle Andy and then watched Peter and Andy light a couple of fireworks. Julianne had her first experience with sparklers and was very disappointed when it was over.

On Saturday we packed up in the morning and went to a couple more local shops before we headed back to our homes. Our trip back was very quiet since Julianne rode back with Uncle Andy and Mimi to St. Louis where she is spending the week. So far she has not even asked about us and seems a bit bothered when we want to talk on the phone with her. It appears she is having a fabulous time!