Julianne's June

I'm not exactly sure where June has gone, but there is only about a week more of it and then we'll be in July. Julianne is creeping closer and closer toward her third birthday, although she has recently forgotten (selective memory?) how old she is. When asked she'll say, "Two more months" or "four more months". She could be referring to how many months until her birthday, but I'm not so sure about this. She genuinely acts like she doesn't know that she's two years old. Maybe we need to work on answering simple questions rather than letter sounds and touch counting. Speaking of which, Julianne continues to be interested in letters and the sounds they make. She recognizes and names all upper case letters and can tell most letter sounds. She has taken an interest lately in "writing", which mainly consists of scribbles. Until recently she wasn't interested in doing anything with a writing instrument for more than about thirty seconds and now she could sit and "write" for 10-15 minutes. She also loves to draw pictures and is beginning to color specific pictures in coloring books rather than just scribbling randomly. She is in the beginning stages of touch counting, although she still doesn't understand that when there are no more "things" she has to stop counting. She can usually tell how many are in a group of objects from 1-3 without having to count them.

Julianne comes from a long line of musical relatives and is keeping with the tradition. She sings songs all day long. She does know some traditional children's songs, but tends to make up her own songs. Right now everything goes to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". One of her recent creations was about what is and is not appropriate to put in your mouth. It went something like this, "We eat food and strawberries. We don't eat books. We don't eat rabbits. We don't eat tables. We don't eat trains. We don't eat bibles. We don't eat sunglasses." It went on and on and on. She constantly keeps us entertained! Here are some pictures of the things Julianne has done this month so far.