Memorial Weekend 2010

We had a great Memorial weekend and enjoyed spending three whole days with Stephen. On Saturday we braved the crowds and the heat and went to the zoo (not something we would have chosen to do on our own, but Julianne had earned this reward by being quiet at night since she is now in the same room as her little sister). That evening we began work on finishing our basement; two walls are now framed. On Sunday evening my mom and brother came in town for another visit and we enjoyed time with them until today (Thursday). For Memorial Day Stephen and some other guy friends went frisbee golfing. The ladies spent the morning at the same park visiting, watching Julianne play on the playground, and getting our yummy picnic lunch ready. After lunch Julianne, Mimi (my mom), Uncle Andy (my brother), and I went to Huber's to pick strawberries. We not only picked strawberries, but we helped Uncle Andy pick kale, snow peas, and lettuce. Julianne snacked on all of these as she picked them. During the strawberry picking time, Julianne had her own little basket and went up and down the paths picking leaves, flowers, and a couple of strawberries. She had a blast! On Wednesday my mom and I made freezer jam out of the rest of the strawberries we had not already eaten. We also made peach freezer jam. Yum! This will have to be an annual tradition. That afternoon we filled up the kiddie pool and let Julianne and Lorelei "swim" a bit. This was the first time that Lorelei had been in any water other than bath water and she seemed to enjoy it even though it was quite frigid. I think she mostly enjoyed getting to watch her sister. Here are some pictures of our fun weekend and week.