Out of the mouth of Julianne

Julianne's speech continues to be difficult to decipher at times, but that doesn't stop her from talking. Here are some Julianne-isms from the past several months.

"Mimi took me on an adventure to five mans." - Translation "Five Guys"

"I just bringed one bandaids and two bandaids down."

"Mama, please don't write an M."

"I and Shiloh are going to the princess castle. See you later."

"I might be lonely." - Whenever we leave the room, she says this.

Julianne on naptime: "I'm not quite ready for a nap.", "Maybe I'm not sleepy.", "I just don't think I need a nap today."

She loves to ask people, "Where did you get that?" One day she asked me that about something and I said, "I think I got it at Walmart." She replied, "No. At Target. You know that Mama."

One day after Stephen left for work she looked at me with a concerned look and said, "Daddy did not take his shower. He's stinky." I told her that he had taken a shower and was not stinky. She replied, "He did not put on his deodorant." He actually had put it on but she was not convinced.

Whenever I say, "I don't know" to a question she has asked, she very surely replies, "Daddy will know. I will ask him when he gets home." I'm so glad she has this view of her daddy.

Julianne has been thoroughly educated on breastfeeding since her sister eats so much and can often be found "nursing" her baby by sticking the doll up to her belly button. One day she said, "My baby drinks mommy milk. No, my baby drinks daddy milk."

She knows how to count, but sometimes she's just not in the mood. At these times I'll ask her, "How many ..." and she'll reply, "Too many."

If you have a baby Julianne will most likely come up to you and ask you, "Does he/she spit up?" Hmmm... I wonder where she got that. It's not like her sister spits up at all!

Here are some pictures of our sweet two and three fourth year old girl.